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Because Abundance Comes To Those who make way for it

Welcome aboard the exciting world of Manoj Kumar

More than 20 Years Of Experience in Public Speaking and Mentorship

Manoj Kumar is a Serial Entrepreneur and world renowned Life and Business Coach. He has travelled through the length and breadth of the India and across many countries of the world and is a widely acclaimed speaker at Business Seminars on various National and International forums.

He’s the author of the Best Selling Book ‘Tsunami of Networkers’ for the direct selling industry. 

His talks have inspired thousands start their own businesses. His mentorship and counselling have helped many achieve success in Network Marketing Business. His workshops on ‘Train your Brain’, ‘Goal-Setting’ and ‘Know-how Vs Know-why’ attract audience from different strata of society and have been immensely useful to the participants.

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Universe has great things in store for you

Become a Master Receiver to receive

Every thing needs a space to occupy. If you envisage to receive powers of the universe, you need to first create space for those powers in you life else the parcel will return undelivered back to the universe.

I’ll help you in emptying that space for you; enabling you to receive the powers of the Universe. Simply stating, it is just like receiving some picture from other mobile to your mobile via Bluetooth. Both the handsets need to be paired first. Once the connection is established, transfer can take place, provided there is enough space available in the receiving handset to receive the parcel. 

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What People Say For Him

Testimonials of his phenomenal contribution in peoples' lives

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His leadership skills are exemplary. He guides and motivates people in Business and Life. His mentorship and counselling has helped hundreds of people succeed in life/ Wish him success.A great motivator, knowledge at its peak in him, a good human, an awesome friend.
Sunil Kumar
Busiesss Leader
A positive Person with an Abundance of knowledge n wisdom, not only is he inspirational but also has excellent communication skills. Wishing him success in all his endeavours.
Monica Sukhija
A great motivator, knowledge at its peak in him, a good human, an awesome friend.
Neeru Sudhir Arora
Business Leaders
A wonderful human being, mentor and business coach. His counselling on life and business matters is fabulous and unparalled.
Sangeeta Malhotra
Business Owner
My Life Support System, actually. A true friend who stands for you when all others leave for their own reasons.
Harish Sachdeva

New Book! Tsunami of Networkers

A step-by-step driven business handbook for any Network Marketing Professional

Riding the biggest wave of the 21st Century, here’s a practical business handbook for sure-shot success in Network Marketing, written by the author having 20 years of experience in the same industry.